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Professional Development

At Early Childhood Excellence, we recognize that fostering a nurturing and enriching environment for young learners requires a well-prepared and knowledgeable team. Our Professional Development services offer a range of tailored training solutions, from presentations to online courses, to elevate your program’s quality and empower your staff members.

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At Early Childhood Excellence, we understand that achieving the highest standards of program quality is a top priority for your early childhood setting. Our Consultation service offers a personalized approach to help you assess, strategize, and elevate your program’s quality through expert guidance.

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Elevate your role as a director by taking advantage of our comprehensive collection of resources. From checklists, templates, and individual topic modules to our Director’s Companion Resource Binder, we have something for everyone. These invaluable resources are designed to empower you with a wealth of essential tools and expert guidance that cover every corner of program management, ensuring excellence across all domains.

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Early Childhood Excellence helps Early Care & Education program leaders increase revenue, retain staff, and build quality programs by giving them the knowledge, tools, and systems they need to meet national standards of excellence.

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“It’s always nice when receiving training from someone who’s knowledgeable with the hands on experience and obviously passionate of the subject.”

“Very informative. She covered a lot and gave us great resources to go to for help.”

“Overall I enjoyed the class.I learned a lot from instructor. I like all activities. It got me out of my shell.”

“The presentation was awesome and informative.”

“Stephanie did a wonderful job! You can never learn too much in this field.”

“Stephanie is a really good instructor if not one of the best I’ve had in a long time.”

“I really enjoyed Stephanie. She was kind, knowledgeable of the material and offered many great resources. She was open to questions and happy to answer them.”

“I believe it was very informative. The entire class was very helpful. Stephanie did great going over everyones questions. She was warm and friendly and very knowledgeable.”

“Stephanie did a really good job. She knows what she is talking about and presented it very well.”

“Everything was excellent. I’m new in my position as a Child Development Program Director and it’s my first training. For me, everything was taught in an excellent and efficient way.”

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